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Technical Control of Constructions 

The technical inspection profession is governed by the French standard NF P 03-100 defining the general criteria for the contribution of technical inspection to the prevention of technical hazards in the field of construction.

The actitivity of technical control of constructions is carried out at the request and on behalf of the Owners by natural or legal persons called Technical Controllers.

Its purpose is to contribute to the prevention of technical hazards likely to be encountered in the realization of the works and equipment elements of a construction operation.

Basic mission
There are two :
  • Mission L, which deals with the solidity of structures and indissociable elements of equipement ;
  • Mission S, related to safety of people against of fire in buildings.
Additional missions
  • Mission F relating to the operation of installations system.
  • Mission P1 relating to the solidity of equipement elements that are not inseparably linked.
  • Mission Ph relating to acoustic insulation.
  • Mission Th relating to thermal insulation and energy savings.
  • Mission Hand relating to the accessibility of buildings for disabled people.
  • Mission Brd relating to the transport of stretchers in buildings.
  • Mission LE relating to the solidity of existings ones.
  • Mission Av relating to the stability of the surrounding structures.
Technical assistance and expertise missions
  • Project Management Assistance – PMA
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control mission – QA/QC
  • Consulting Engineers & Assistance for road projects (Control & Supervision)
  • Diagnosis and technical expertise of the solidity of existing structures
  • Insurance claims expertise
  • Real estate appraisals


Non-Destructive Testing of metallic structures
  • Visual Control – VT
  • Non-destructive testing by Magnetic Testing – MT
  • Non-destructive testing by Penetrant Testing – PT
  • Non-destructive testing by Ultrasonic Testing – UT
  • Radiographic Testing of welds – RT
  • Non-destructive testing by Eddy Current – ET
  • Verification and expertise of lifting and handling equipement and machinery (including lifting accessories and packaging)
  • QA-QC Management Operations Monitoring
  • Establishment of Welding Operating Procedures
  • Verification of overhead cranes and weighbridges
  • Technical inspection and cathodic protection of pipelines and sea-lines
  • Technical inspection of industrial refrigeration equipment and installations
  • Safety and conformity check of dangerous machines
  • Verification of conformity of boilers and all stream engines
  • Technical inspection of industrial appliances, equipment and installations
  • Verification of conformity of electrical installations
  • Fire prevention and firefighting
  • Certification of on-shore and off-shore facilities
  • Technical inspection of submerged structures
  • Welding technical assistance (control and monitoring)
  • Assistance to Qualification of welders
  • Control and inspection of drilling and production equipment operating under pressure
  • Hazard studies : HAZID – HAZOP
  • Lighning Risk Analysis (LRA)

Trainings and Certifications

Training : Health & Safety - Electrical Habilitation - Lifting

Occupational Health and Safety
  • HSE Induction
  • Fisrt Aid procedures
  • First Aid Worker – initial training
  • First Aid Worker – recycling training
  • Gestures and Postures
  • Preventive driving of light vehicles (LDV)
  • Preventive driving of heavy vehicles (PL)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Specifics Risks
  • Scaffolding auditor training
  • Scaffolding erector training
  • Training on the risks of working at height
  • Firefighting : initial training
  • Chemical risk
  • Training of evacuation teams in case of fire
  • Training on H2S-related risks
  • Confined space intervention training
  • ATEX training (Explosive Atmosphere) – Level 1
  • ATEX training (Explosive Atmosphere) – Level 2
  • Training on waste management
Electrical Habilitations
  • Electrical B0H0 HOV (Non Electrician)
  • LV Electrical Habilitation
  • HVLV Electrical Habilitation
  • Recycling HVLV Electrical Habilitation 
Specific and technical training
  • Training in Pipe Joining
  • Boiler operator
  • Introduction to Project Management
Lifting & Handling
  • Bridge operator training
  • Crane operator training
  • E.M.P Training (Mobile Lifting Platforms for People) : P.E.M.P categories
  • Driver Training : Category of self-propelled trucks with door driver
  • Training Constuction equipment : Construction equipment categories
  • Slinging and gesture of command
  • M85 training (Slinging, command gesture, packing, gestures and postures)

Training : ISO & HSE systems management standards

Management of ISO systems
  • ISO 9001 Standard – Quality Management : its content and implementation
  • ISO 14 001 Standard – Environmental Management : its content and implementation
  • ISO 22 000 Standard – Food Safety Management  : its content and implementation
  • ISO 45 001 Standard – Occupational Health and Safety : its content and implementation
  • Internal Audit according to ISO 19 011 standard
  • The process approach and performance optimization
HSE Management
  • Initial HSE Management Training – Basic Level
  • Advanced Training & Preparation for the NEBOSCH International General Certificate
Accompaniment for ISO Certifications with certified and experienced auditors

Our last projects

Construction of a soap factory

Technical assistance mission to the Contracting Authority. 

Construction of Hotel KEMPINSKI

Technical assistance mission, establishment of fire safety instructions.

Construction of a building

Mission to control the construction works of a R+9 building.


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